Brand design


Web design


FitMix is a young, light, modern and very strong Hotcake mix brand, that focuses on a healthy lifestyle market, since its products are based on oat flour which is gluten free. Its main goal was to create a premium brand that would be directed to young professionals that live a fast busy life but are conscious about their health, without sacrificing taste. They needed a brand that could grow globally from the beginning, and that would stand out on the store shelves as a quality modern product that is serious about nutrition and health.


Packaging design

Teaming up with a food engineering consultant that guided the design on the legal regulations and norms, food packaging design was regulated on reading contrasts, permitted claims and texts, font size and type, and location of diverse graphic elements.

Product photography session

Web Design

A full website is under construction, including online store, contact forms and downloadable commercial PDF for potential retailers and distributors.